Watch Halal online TV this Ramadan

Mainstream TV or cable TV can be quite unpleasant for the typical English-speaking Muslim family to watch, especially during Ramadan. Do you have internet access? Or better still, unlimited internet access? Yes? Alhamdulillah. You can now watch Halal TV online, Insha’Allah!

However, they need funds to run regularly. So, if you can, do contribute a little each month to the respective TV channels to keep them running, Insha’Allah. We’ve done a little bit of research and found out that the following are the few TV channels that are mainly English-speaking or subtitled, educational and Halal too!

Here they are:


Due to technical or financial difficulties, these channels may not run smoothly at times. In such cases, do be patient and make du’a for them, Insha’Allah. Also. do note that while it is hard to maintain the ‘Halalness’ of the things we watch and do each day, everyone of us can only try our best. So, do understand that the TV channels above are trying their best to stay as Halal as possible too. If you notice anything wrong with what they put on air, do contact the TV channels directly, Insha’Allah. May Allah help our Ummah in maintaining our Deen day to day. Ameen.

Click to go to the huda live online  click to go to guide_us_tv, insha'Allahclick to watch peace tv insha'Allahclick to go to ramadan tv insha'Allah.


[This article is correct as on 14th July 2013. The channels may expire or be moved to another website in the future. Do contact MMC to update this page as and when the changes occur. Jazakum Allah khayr for your cooperation.]