Seeking Islamic Studies Degree

picISThis is a topic I wanted to share with everyone for some time, finally, by grace of Allah, I managed to get the time to write about it.

Seeking knowledge about our religion is a must that apply to each and every one of us, all praise is to Allah, this task is becoming an easy task, thanks to the brothers and sisters who invest in such ways, to provide this knowledge, from the convenience of your home, and at your own paste.

At no particular order I am going to provide a list of such institutions that provide these programs in both English & Arabic. This list is provided as is, this in no way means that MMC, endorse or recommend any of these programs or have any kind of partnership with any of them, the links are gathered as a mean of help to brothers and sisters who might be not aware such programs exist.

Islamic Online University

Darul Uloom Onlin

Tooba University

Islamic American University

Al-Madinah International University

knowledge International University

This is just a short list, if you search online, using a search engine for the term “Islamic studies degree online

Or “Islamic Studies distance learning” , you’ll find out a lot more results about this topic, and you might come across web sites which provide only courses one of which is