Registration for 2015 Arabic Classes.

Term 1 will start on 1/2/2015.

Registration  for next year will be open during Term 1, 2015.

Please note fees are due in full at enrollment.

The fees cover all materials.

Classes for students in level 2.

Start at 11:00 am.

End at 1:00 pm.

Classes for newly enrolled students in level 1.

Start at 12:00 pm.

End at 2:00 pm.

Fees per student per year is $250, this covers all learning materials. Discount of 10% will be applied for every additional sibling, classes are on Sundays by Victorian government school’s terms. Number of classes per year are 37 classes. Payment should be made in full at registration time.

Seats are limited, and positions will be given on a first come first served.

Term 1 year 2015 will start on Sunday, 1/2/2015, at 11:00 am.

Location is the Brookfield Community Centre.

12 Black dog Drive, Brookfield. Entrance from the Toy Library gate.

Location Map



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