Need a doctor at home?

Alhamdulillah all is well now. But have you been quite sick but the nearby doctor’s clinic is closed? Did you know a doctor is available to come and treat you and your family at home every night, weekends and even public holidays? Yes. There now is a bulk-billed service provided to you when you cannot get to your GP. Do read on.


What if it’s an emergency?

Of course, for emergency situations whereby you cannot wait, do

Call 000 immediately for an ambulance.

However, if you are not that much in pain and you’d think that going to the hospital is not an option, you may want to call this number 03 9429 5677 to request for a home visiting doctor.


When can I call 03 9429 5677?

Weekdays: From 4 PM to 8 AM the next day (overnight).
Weekday Doctors start working from 6pm

Weekends: From 10am Saturday until 8am Monday.
Saturday doctors start working from midday

Public holidays: Doctors are available 24 hours

Normal Clinic/Surgery hours: Please ring your own GP during surgery hours.


Does this service offer a free mobile app?

Yes. Simply download the free mobile app*, enter the patient’s details and submit the request. This way, you can save yourself the cost of a mobile call and possibly waiting on hold. One of their trained, friendly operators will call back quickly to confirm your request, insha’Allah.


What will I be asked when I call?

Your call will be triaged by the operator who will ask the following patient details:

  •              Full name and date of birth of the patient and address for the doctor to attend

  •              The patient’s regular GP. Please provide the clinic’s name and phone number. At the end of the consultation, a clinical report will be sent to your GP.

Do bear in mind that the home visiting doctor is not an appointment service; all home visits are scheduled according to their urgency. This service’s focus is to provide the most timely medical care, so your call will be prioritised. The operators will stay in touch and contact you when the doctor is on the way, so please stay close to the phone. At any time please do not hesitate to contact them, they are there to help.


What is the cost? Do patients need to pay?

The service’s doctors bulk bill consultations through Medicare, so anyone registered with Medicare or Veterans Affairs are not required to pay. Alhamdulillah! That means, if you have a Medicare card, your treatment is free. However, for patients who are not registered with either of these organisations are required to pay a fee at the time of the visit either by cash, Mastercard or Visa.


Is the home visiting doctor able to provide comprehensive medical care to me and my family at home?

Yes. The home visiting doctor will provide you with the same quality of care you would expect from your own GP, insha’Allah. The doctors come fully equipped to treat urgent problems in the home and can suture lacerations, provide wound care, arrange hospital admission, palliative care, catheterisation, incident reports, peg tube maintenance, verification of death and stat medication if required.


*More information can be found on these websites –

 Note that this information is correct as on 9th of September 2013. Changes to this service may occur in the future. Please visit the above websites for more information, Insha’Allah.


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