Who are we

Inc_Cert We are a registered not for profit organization in the State of Victoria, Australia, under the name Melton Muslim Community Incorporated.

Our goal is to contribute to the community of the City of Melton, in a positive and constructive way, to enrich the diversity of our community.

We’ve been operating since August, 2012, yet our contribution to the community, and the members of our group, has been the subject of appreciation of the City of Melton council.

We have been invited to an event by the City Council to speak to the employees of the council, to give them a better understanding of  how to deal and communicate with our members.

GrantOur Community Group was awarded the grant from Melton City Council in recognition of our contribution to the community of Melton City, our program is getting bigger and we’re trying to reach as many families as possible.

The Celebration of Eid Al Fitr (breaking fast after Ramadan) and Eid Al Adha (The finishing of the pilgrimage – Hajj – to Makkah) is now part of our yearly activities, as well as Friday prayers, and The month of Ramadan.

A permanent center for our community is becoming more of a pressing need. We are working on acquiring a lot of land that could accommodate and fulfill our members needs, and to serve the bigger community of the City of Melton.

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