2015 Weekend School Started

First Term has started on 1/2/2015, Level 1 still have few available seats.

Level 2 is now full, we are not accepting any more students in level 2.

Term 1 last class will be on 22/3/2015.

Level 1 are studying

i. Arabic for Beginners.

Level 2 are studying

i. Madinah Arabic Reader

ii. Arabic Writing.

Islamic Studies class cover Qura’an memorizing and reciting, explanation,

and teaching Islamic knowledge.

It is very important that parents follow up with the students, and check the progress.

Make sure the students are doing the homework.

Attendance is very important, missing out on classes will not help your child.

We would like to thank our volunteers who are running the school,

putting in time and effort to support the young Muslims.

This school would not be running without your donations and contributions.

If you have any questions please email us on